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Car Plug In’s

Electric cars will become more common place on our roads and in response to this future demand, it will be an option at City Centre to have your parking stall equipped with a rough-in for an electric/hybrid vehicle.

Car Share Program

Grand River Car Share already operates car share vehicles at the Charles Street Transit Terminal right in the downtown. In future, car share can be available right on-site. Andrin will provide a parking stall within the publicly accessible courtyard with provisioning for an electric vehicle for a car share operator to utilize in the future.

Leave the Car at Home

Today, Grand River Transit puts the entire Region right at your doorstep and you are within walking distance to major employers, shopping, dining and entertainment.

In the future, the Region of Waterloo’s planned LRT and the GO Transit expansion will make the Toronto Pearson International Airport and the broader GTA even more accessible for work or for pleasure.

Secure Indoor Bicycle Storage

City Centre offers secure bicycle storage on the ground floor of the building with direct access to the publicly accessible courtyard to encourage cycling for shorter trips and to take advantage of the Regions’ many cycling trails/routes.

for a Better Tommorrow

  • Urban redevelopment takes advantage of existing infrastructure.
  • Night Sky Friendly” exterior lighting to reduce light pollution.
  • Light coloured roofing materials and areas of planted green roof to reduce the urban heat island effect.
  • Tri-sorter facilities for refuse recycling.
  • Recycling of suitable construction waste.
  • Use of local and recycled materials where available, reducing the impacts of extraction, processing and transportation.
  • High efficiency heat pump heating system for reduced energy consumption, non-ozone depleting cooling systems and lower emissions directly contribute to a healthier environment.